Friday, November 6, 2009

Karter in the Morning

This is what I found yesterday morning when I went in to get Karter out of bed. Its a pretty typical scene now that the town has put a new playground in across the street, he loves to look at and "talk" to it. His sleeping has gotten a little better as the week has gone on, the past two mornings he has slept until 7.


Kyler said...

I clearly heard "that tree has no leaves" haha. Pretty cute when he laughs and tries to attack the camera.

Grandma T said...

ADORABLE!!! So snuggly in the morning, soft and it! And you do very well interpreting his baby talk.
Thanks for sharing the ordinary moments.
Love you all!

Anique said...

Dana you have keen interpretation skills! He is just the cutest boy ever. We are so excited to visit over Thanksgiving and see you all. Love you!