Monday, November 16, 2009

Monday Morning Video

Before I was a mama, I never fully understood how much parents love their children. I loved Karter before I knew him, but I fall in love with him all over on a daily basis. I love being able to spend all day with him, although somedays I am more ready for nap time than others, and miss him even if I'm only gone an hour. He is changing so quickly and I don't want to ever forget how cute/silly he is when he is playing or doing everyday things, so I have been taking A LOT more videos of Karter. Maybe it is my pregnancy hormones, but whenever I look back at old videos or pictures of him I get all weepy. It is amazing how quickly he has changed before our eyes, but it really isn't until I look back that I realize how far he has come.

This video started out with him just building me a tower, but then he started to ham it up for the camera so I kept rolling. The video is pretty long (10 min), but make sure you see how cute the ending is!

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Grandma T said...

Oh my darling Tunkin...that TOTALLY MADE MY DAY!!! He's learned so much since we saw him last! Only 9 more days until Grandma gets her hands on him...
Love you!