Sunday, November 8, 2009

Good Thing We Practiced

This year we are so excited to be hosting the Gray Family Thanksgiving again. In preparation for the big day we are practicing a few recipes we want to use. This year we had an abundance of raspberries and knew we wanted to use them to make some sort of dessert, so last night we tried to make a pie with some of them. Well, lets just say it is a good thing that we practiced!! Sure it tasted delicious but it lacked a lot in presentation, not to mention the fact that everything in this picture had to be thrown away...there was no way to get the pie pan off of the baking sheet!! We are moving on to a different type of raspberry dessert, and are very glad that we practiced this one.


Jess said...

Good thing you used the cookie sheet underneath! Yumm...Raspberries sound good. Good luck with the rest of your pracices!

Terry said...

As Mama always said when things like that happen (and they do!), "It'll eat!" In a bowl of ice cream, everything tastes great no matter how it originally looked.
Can't wait to share Thanksgiving with you!