Thursday, March 25, 2010

Big Brother, Little Brother

Karter has a book called Big Brother, Little Brother that he loves...honestly the book is a tad on the annoying side, but he LOVES it. When we are reading he will go to his cabinet and while searching say "brothers" over and over, we have read this book a lot! While it isn't my favorite, it is kind of a glimpse into the future about the mischief these two brothers might get into one of these days...they are pretty good buddies already. Karter likes to do tummy time and help push Kaden in the swing, while Kaden just likes to watch his big brother play and take it all in.
You never know what Karter is going to do while playing with his little brother, but one thing is for will end with a smoochy!

Karter doesn't have the best attention span, so whenever something else catches his eye he is gone.

Poor Kaden is left wondering where his big brother went!

"Big brother, little brother, our adventures never end.
We'll always have each other and you'll always be my friend!"

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Gramaw T said...

You've got YEARS of mischief ahead...I can tell you from experience! The fun is just beginning! :) Love you!