Thursday, March 4, 2010

Saturday Adventure

Last week we had plans for the boys and I to meet Kristoffer downtown on Friday after work for dinner and a little shopping, however, Kristoffer's car had other plans for us! He came home from work on Wednesday and said that the brakes on his car had just gone out, luckily he was in the driveway and not on the highway! After becoming AAA members, getting a tow, spending two days in the shop and spending more money than we wanted the Tracker now has new brakes and is safe to drive again. Kristoffer drove my car for the rest of last week, leaving me without a car, so our downtown trip got postponed a day.

It actually worked out better, the skyways weren't busy and Karter could run free most of the time. There are 8 miles of skyway in Minneapolis and I think that we walked just about all 8 miles of it. It was fun to explore some new territory and check out the new Twins stadium (Target Field).

Kaden seemed to really enjoy himself...he slept most of the time! He woke up once to eat and just looked around completely confused as to where he was.

This trip was the first time I had left the house all week, so I was very happy to be out amongst the living again and to spend some quality time with all my boys!

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Grandma " Wicky" said...

Enjoy the times you can get out when the boys are little and one is in a stroller. Next year chasing two running boys won't be quite as refreshing!