Friday, March 5, 2010


Karter has been trying for the past few months to do somersaults. He really likes for us to flip him over, but then wants us to demonstrate....we are a little past our somersaulting prime! The other day I was feeding Kaden and I heard Karter yell "Mommy" (which isn't a surprise, I hear him yell my name 100 times when I am feeding Kaden), but this time when I looked over his head was on the ground with his tush up in the air. He pushed with his legs and flipped himself ever and stood up so proud of himself yelling "YAY Karter!" Here are a couple of videos of our future gymnast....Enjoy!

This next video has nothing to do with the post, but it is Kaden making his video debut!


Kara said...

Adorable little boys. I have a feeling Kaden has to survive many of Karter's "earthquakes"...daily. Miss you all!

Anique said...

O my goodness they are the sweetest boys! Karter is talking so well now since we last visited. He will most definitely be a source of entertainment for baby Kaden with all those somersaults. Loved the post. We miss you and hope to visit soon!