Tuesday, March 23, 2010

He's a Good Dog

Our Rascal is a good dog, and like we've said before, he puts up with A LOT from Karter. Rascal is a pretty mellow dog and is always laying around somewhere, which makes him a pretty easy target for Karter. Whenever Karter spots him he always has to either hug, sit or jump on him...sometimes all of the above!

Last week I was taking pictures of Kaden and Karter asked/demanded that I take his picture too...so he ran to sit with Rasc and said "picture".

It doesn't matter if you are human or animal...watch out for this mischievous look!

In the mornings, Rascal tries to hide out in bed for as long as possible, but is only a matter of time before Karter starts yelling "Rascie, Rascie" up and down the hallway.

When he finds Rascal in bed, the torture, I mean playtime begins. It's never to early for Rascal to be jumped on and then kicked out of bed!

This little boy sure does love his puppy dog...and truth be told, Rascal is pretty fond of Karter too and sometimes instigates the playtime!

This next picture is completely off topic, just super cute! I laid him down for two seconds to grab something and came back to this....


Gramaw T said...

I think I've seen that impish look on Karter's face a few times...it definitely means "Watch out!" And what a sweet photo of Kaden...what a good baby he is! Can't wait to get my hands on them both!!!
Love you!

Kyler said...

Loving the photos of Karter w/ Rascal. I finally got caught up on all the posts after a week+ out of the country.