Monday, March 29, 2010

Twins Territory

Saturday afternoon, after Terry and Emily arrived, we headed downtown to join 25,000 other Twins fans eager to check out the new stadium.

Its a beautiful new stadium, complete with a great view of downtown, heat lamps, escalators and any kind of food you could want.

Our favorite part is the old school logo of "Minnie and Paul". Throughout the season, whenever a Twin hits a home run they will shake hands over the Mississippi.

Kaden enjoyed taking in the sites while strapped to Mommy's chest.

While big brother Karter enjoyed the sites from everywhere!! He absolutely loved being at the stadium and watching the game from his own chair....

...and Daddy's shoulders!

Karter especially loved being able to run free!

Hopefully our family will be able to make it to a game this season...but I think we will wait until it is a little warmer!

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Anique and Kamaron said...

awesome stadium! i can't wait until anique and i can make a trip up to see our royals play the twins at target field!