Friday, March 12, 2010

Storytime at the Library

Last Monday, Kaden got to experience one of his brother's favorite things...storytime at the library! I was feeling brave last week and went to both Target and the library by myself with both boys and were completely successful on both trips!

Karter was pretty excited to go back after taking a month off to see all of his friends. I told him when he woke up that we were going to take a car ride to the library and he kept saying "car ride...library...walk" until it was actually time to go. (Whenever he says walk I tell him that it is too far to walk, but he actually means that he wants to walk down the stair to the car.)

Storytime is about an hour, the first 30 minutes are for reading books and singing songs and the last half is just for the kids to play and run around. Miss Barb just got these new building blocks and they were a huge hit.

It is so fun to watch Karter play with all of his friends. It is really hard to believe we have been going to the library for over a year now. I remember last year, Karter was one of the little ones and he was always getting run over by the older kids. Now he is one of the oldest ones there and is the one running around all the time. I am so glad our library has this program for him to be able to interact with other kids his age.
Here is a little video of Karter as we were getting ready to leave....


Gramaw T said...

What a cutie...I think he's ready to go! I can't believe how he's being so patient while you video him...he's come a long way in that department!!! Love you all!

Kara said...

That video is so adorable. Thanks for sharing all the pictures and videos with us! I love keeping up with you guys and your precious boys.