Monday, June 28, 2010

Family Date Night

This weekend was jam packed with lots of family fun...watching movies together, spending quality time in our guest bathroom taking shelter from the storms and going on a hike! A few weeks ago Toy Story 1 and Toy Story 2 were on TV, so we set up our DVR to record them to watch with Karter. We finished the second one on Friday night and he loved it! Saturday our forecast was predicting a lot of storms, so we decided to have a family date night and go watch Toy Story 3 in the movie theatre!

This was the first movie for both boys and they did great! Karter wasn't impressed with having to watch previews and kept saying "toy movie", but other than having to go tot he bathroom twice, he sat and watched the movie and ate his popcorn. Most people probably think we are crazy for taking Kaden to a movie, but he did fantastic!!! I had to feed him once (in the dark...I was pretty much going at it blind!) and after that he sat with me and eventually fell asleep. We all really enjoyed to movie, and as a parent it made me a little misty eyed!

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Gramaw T said...

You certainly came prepared, even bringing your Boppy with you to the theater (I think that's what you call it...)! You have the BEST-BEHAVED children I've ever seen...I would have never taken my wild ones to the theater like that!