Friday, June 18, 2010

Two Year Appointment

Yesterday was Karter's 2-year wellbaby appointment. He did amazing and was impressing all of the nurses with his vocabulary...and a little baby talk to Kaden!

The appointment was pretty typical, with one major change...Karter now uses the big scale, he's not a baby anymore! His percentages aren't through the roof anymore, but he is still above average with his height. We weren't sure if he would need any shots at this appointment, but he ended up needing 2 shots and a finger prick. Of course, he hated getting the shots, but once he realized he was getting band-aids on them he was fine.

WEIGHT: 28.2 lb - 50.7%

HEIGHT: 2ft 11.5in - 79.4%

HEAD: 19in - 59.3%

We were at the clinic for over an hour, for only about 10 minutes worth a face time. All that extra waiting around is not a good thing when you have a very active 2 year old on your hands. He kept pointing and saying "this"...he wanted to play with the instruments the Dr uses to look in his eyes and ears. They are probably pretty expensive and not the best things for little boys to play with.

Kaden made a "big mess" at the beginning of the appointment, that resulted in a wardrobe change, and was all smiles after that! He had about every nurse in the clinic in to talk to him...what a charmer!

To help pass the time, I tried to entertain Karter by taking pictures. He thought it was funny that I took a picture of the two of us together and wanted me to take one with Kaden.

That one didn't work out so well!

Next he wanted a picture of all three of us...again, not the best picture!
It was a long appointment but we managed to stay entertained, and in the end Karter got a sucker for being such a big boy!!

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