Friday, June 25, 2010

It's Summertime, Baby!!

Last night Kristoffer came home from work and said that he made an "executive decision" and we were going to go to the Dairy Inn after dinner! Who am I to argue with the man of the house when he makes a decision about getting ice cream!!

We got Karter his own ice cream cone, and he was loving every minute of it!

The excitement was too much for Kaden to take!

Karter loved his ice cream so much, he had to ride home without a shirt on.

I told Karter "It's summertime, baby" and of course, he said it the entire time! But this is what summer is all trips to eat the best ice cream around!!


Gramaw T said...

I see you've jumped on the Silly Bands bandwagon! Too bad we didn't make it to Dairy Inn last weekend... Love you all!

Kristoffer and Dana said...

Kristoffer got those for Karter at work...he really likes them!

Emily said...

According to Kristoffer I believe it is the best ice cream EVER! Looks like Karter is LOVING it!