Monday, June 14, 2010

Our New Ride!!

Saturday morning we loaded up our car for one last time and went to Burnsville to upgrade to a minivan. When we leased our car 2 1/2 years ago, we didn't expect to out grow it so quickly. So we decided to opt out of our lease early and purchase a minivan. We went a couple weeks ago and looked at the VW Routan and fell in love with it, but didn't want to jump in to anything so we looked around a little bit more. This past Saturday we went to test drive our second choice, the Toyota Sienna, but new as soon as we sat in it we knew that it wasn't for us.

After test driving the Sienna we went back to VW and drove the Routan again. We still felt the same way, so we told our dealer, Steve that we wanted to buy it.

Steve was pretty happy to make a sale! The Volkswagen dealership is actually located where our old Saturn dealership was...kind of ironic to buy our two cars from the same place, but different dealers. (VW has been in Burnsville for 30 years, but just moved into the old Saturn building because it is closer to all the other dealers.)

Here is our new beauty...a 2009 VW Routan!! Our van is a "previously loved" vehicle that we think we got an amazing deal only had 14k miles, power everything and still looks and smells new!

We are really happy about our purchase and love all the room it has.

The gear shift is in an interesting spot and that is taking a bit to get used to.

Karter has already sat in just about every seat, because he thinks it is fun to climb in and climb all over the seats before he gets in his car seat. He really wants to sit in the very back seat!

Including our two test drives in the van, Kaden has fallen asleep every time he has been in apparently he is pretty comfortable with the new ride!

Karter is too!

We are so happy to finally have a vehicle that our whole family (including Rascal) can travel in and be comfortable! In the next few months we will be going camping and traveling to Indiana, Chicago and Kansas City and we can't wait to take the van on a road trip!
This video is pretty ridiculous, but here is a little peak inside of the van...


Gramaw T said...

Wow...VERY NICE!!! Can't wait to ride in it myself! the cheesy video...See you very soon!

Kyler said...

Congratulations on the purchase! Das Auto. And you were right...the video was only slightly ridiculous.

Joscelynn said...

Sweet ride! Welcome to the VW family. I have to say I was kind of drooling over the Routan when we picked out our car, but we definitely could not justify it with just the three of us.

Anique and Kamaron said...

you are officially a grown-up family. with the purchase of the 4-wheeled taxi, you've upgraded your status. nice ride!