Thursday, June 3, 2010


This past weekend we traveled down to Chicago for my big brother's surprise birthday party. Joscelynn had been planning this party for months and we were so excited to be apart of it. Some of Jake's friends, us and mom were all gathered in the party room of this super cool Neapolitan pizza place in their neighborhood waiting for them to arrive. It was so fun to see the look on Jake's face when he realized we were all there!! The surprise kind of freaked out Jonah and Karter, but I think Jake was pretty happy!! The food was delicious and what better reason to celebrate than my bub turning 30!

Tiramisu makes a pretty good birthday cake!

Trying to make 2 year olds sit still is VERY hard, Jonah did sit still long enough to help his daddy make a wish, but then... was back to jumping and being silly with Karter and his best bud Nathan (not pictured).

Jonah is so good at smiling for the camera, but he always looks like he is up to something! After I took his picture, he told me to take one of Karter.

Karter's not so good at smiling for the camera, but he is definitely up to something!

We had left home at 2:30am and spent the afternoon at Lincoln Park Zoo, so by the time the party was starting Kaden was so tired. I'm not sure how with all of the noise, but he fell asleep and missed most of the party.
It was a great night celebrating my favorite brother's birthday!!


Terry said...

So glad you were able to be part of the big celebration!

Joscelynn said...

Thank you so much for coming down! It was a really fun weekend and I don't think the surprise could have gone over any better.