Thursday, June 10, 2010

Hotel Stay

A couple of weeks ago when we went to Chicago, we decided that it we would stay in a hotel instead of totally taking over Jake and Joscelynn's house. I think hotels are get to leave your dirty towels laying around and someone else cleans them up, someone else makes your bed, you get to lay in bed and watch TV and most importantly you get to sleep in and not worry about getting up to clean the house. I love staying in, make that I loved staying in hotels before we had kids! Sure, someone else still cleaned up our towels and made out beds, but there was no laying in bed watching TV, unless you wanted to watch Mickey Mouse Club, and there definitely wasn't any sleeping in!!

The kids were great though! Karter loved sleeping in his big bed (and thankfully didn't fall out!) and this being Kaden's first hotel stay he slept pretty well. I told Karter that I loved laying in bed watching TV in bed at hotels, so he thought it was funny to lay in bed too.

We are growing up and decided to not stay in the cheapest hotel we could find, and actually stayed in a DoubleTree, which was super nice. Within the first 30 minutes after checking-in, Karter was playing with the remote and Kristoffer said "I think Karter just rented a movie." We couldn't figure out what happened, but when we got our bill and it had a $15 charge, we knew that he had indeed rented a movie. Thankfully, the front desk took pity on us and didn't make us pay for it!
It was a fun experience, but I think we were all happy to get home and not sleep in the same room!


Gramaw T said...

That second photo is adorable... well, all 3 are, but I especially love the second one! What movie did Karter rent??? Just can actually GO to a movie for $15! I think,'s been awhile. Love you!

Kristoffer and Dana said...

We don't know what movie he rented. We couldn't find anything on the TV and the bill didn't list the title!

Kyler said...

That's pretty funny about the whole video rental incident. He is already learning one of the most important Gray traits--mastering the remote control.