Thursday, June 24, 2010

Finger Painting

Part of being a two year old is knowing how to make a mess, so for Karter's birthday we got him a few things that were messy, but would also allow him to be creative at the same and finger paints!
Monday morning when I got out the finger paints, he was a little confused. At first he would just dip his finger in and give me a look asking if that was ok...he couldn't believe I actually wanted him to get all messy!

Soon enough he got over that and was all into it!

Good thing I put the apron on him, because he had paint everywhere!

This is definitely a project we will be doing again soon! When he was done our refrigerator was covered in his masterpieces and he was excited to show them off to Daddy when he got home.

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Gramaw T said...

Oh my are a PATIENT mama!