Monday, June 21, 2010

Karter's Birthday Party

This weekend Kim and Terry drove up to spend some time with us. We were happy they were here to help us celebrate Karter's birthday, and the boys really enjoyed having their Gramaw and Papaw around for a few days!

Karter had been talking about his party all week...he kept saying "elmo cake, Gramaw Papaw, open presents". He was super excited to open presents and was pretty good at ripping into them...

The main theme to most of his presents was Elmo and books...definitely his two favorite things! Every time he would open a book he would want Kristoffer to read it instantly.

Kristoffer and I got him this cute little tricycle. He really wants to ride it, but he needs just to be a little bit taller.

After presents it was time for cake!

As part of our family tradition, Karter got to eat his cake on the "Special Day" plate!

He wanted an Oscar cupcake to go with his Elmo was his party!

It was a great evening celebrating our big boys 2nd birthday!!


Emily said...

Glad Karter had a great birthday! Can't believe he is 2 already...time flies!

Joscelynn said...

Happy Birthday, Karter! Great cake, Dana. Jonah is pointing at the picture saying he wants Ernie.

Kyler said...

Looks like a great party! I cannot believe he is already TWO.

Jess said...

The picture of Karter with the backpack makes him look sooo big! Your elmo cake turned out GREAT! It looks like the best 2nd birthday ever!

Gramaw and Papaw said...

We LOVED our time with you all and celebrating Karter's birthday was a bonus! Thanks for the hospitality...we miss you already!
((Hugs)) and smooches from Indiana!!!

Anique said...

I know this is a bit after the fact but that cake was quite the masterpiece Dana! And Happy Birthday to the little man and his big 2nd Birthday!!! :)