Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Happy Birthday, Karter

Where has the time gone?? Today is Karter's 2nd birthday!! 2 is such a fun age, I doesn't make me sad that he is growing up, I'm just surprised at how fast it is happening!! I know I may be a little biased, but I think Karter is a super smart little 2 year old. Here is an update on what he is up to lately...
  • Karter knows all of the alphabet and can identify all the letters and the sounds that they make. We practice the sounds by going "d-d-daddy" and he will do that a lot with his refrigerator magnets. He likes to find the V and say "v-v-Vicky".
  • We have a lot of flashcards...animal, shapes, colors and number cards. Since Karter likes to be quizzed so much, he can identify every animal and the sound that they make, he knows almost every shape (including hexagon), he knows his colors and can count to 20.
  • The wheels in Karter's brain are constantly turning and he can put little sentences together. Sometimes his brain is thinking faster than he can talk, so he repeats himself until the right combination of words come out. He is also really good at using adjectives to describe things, he'll call something big or hot or cold...etc.
  • He has an impeccable memory, if he hears something once he doesn't forget it. Somethings I don't think he picks up on but he does. The other day I stubbed my toe and I said "dang it", and then the next day he dropped his car on his foot and said "dang it". He is definitely a parrot and will repeat whatever he hears!
  • Karter can flat out talk! Whenever we are going somewhere he doesn't stop pointing things out...semis, RVs, stop signs, fire hydrants, flags, birds, buses, people, numbers....everything! On our trip to Indiana last month the only time he stopped talking was the 15 minutes he was asleep. He doesn't just talk, but he wants you to acknowledge that he is saying it.
  • He'll do anything to make you laugh. His favorite thing to do is say the wrong thing on purpose just so you will correct him. Every night Kristoffer asks him how many treats (vitamins) he wants and he knows he gets 2, but will say a random number just so Kristoffer will say 2 in a silly way. He does things like that over and over!
  • Reading and singing are still two of his favorite activities. We do both of these things so often that he can read and sing almost every book and song by himself.
  • Elmo is still his favorite thing and he always asks to watch Elmo on TV. He is also really into Toy Story right now. We had a family movie night last weekend and he thought it was pretty cool to watch a movie and eat popcorn with mommy and daddy, and now he points out Woody and Buzz whenever he sees them.
  • Karter is really polite. Whenever someone sneezes he will say "bless you", he likes to share his snacks with me and we are working on him saying "please" and "thank you" on a regular bases.
  • He is about 75% potty trained. He no longer wears any diapers...Handy Manny undies during the day and robot undies (pull-ups) during nap time and at night. He has woken up dry every day for the past few weeks and hasn't had any accidents in over a week.

We are so proud of our big boy and all the things he can do. I could go on and on with different stories about Karter and the things he surprises us with every day, but I guess this list is long enough.

Here is a look back out how much our boy has changed....

What a blessing you are to our family, Karter....HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! We love you!!!


Gramaw T said...

Happy, Happy Birthday to our sweet tunkin! Papaw and Gramaw love you SO VERY MUCH!!!!!!!! Can't wait to celebrate your birthday with you this weekend!

Kyler said...

Happy birthday Karter!

Zach and Emily said...

Happy Birthday Karterman! We love you!

Anique and Kamaron said...

happy bday, karter! see you 4 in a month :-)