Thursday, October 8, 2009

Birthday Party

As you all know, yesterday was Kristoffer's "Special Day". Even though he had to work all day, Karter and I spent most of the day preparing for his birthday party!

Our morning started off bright and early (Karter decided to wake up at 5:55...someone teach this kid to sleep in!) with Karter helping me bake Kristoffer's cake, buttermilk spice. We used the same recipe I got from Kristoffer's mama six years ago when he requested this cake for his first birthday we were together. Surprisingly, Karter had no interest in liking the beater...just making a mess!

After his morning nap, Karter wanted to help me wrap Kristoffer's presents. I put him in charge of holding our pop-up tape dispenser.

Apparently he liked his job a little too much! Look closely and you can see Karter's "decorations" on top of the present.

After our spaghetti dinner, Karter wanted to help daddy open his presents.

Not really wanting to get Karter all hopped up on sugar before bed, we waited until after he was in bed to have some birthday cake! It was the perfect ending to a day of celebrating the best guy in the world!!


Kyler said...

Looks like an awesome birthday party! You are practically 28 now.

Terry said...

Yummy!!! Wish we could share that cake with you! It was great getting to share his birthday through Skype...hope Karter didn't fuss too long after we said good-bye!

Love you all!

Emily said...

So...what'd you get?