Thursday, October 22, 2009

Everyday Videos

Later today we are off to Chicago to visit my brother and his family. We won't be posting anything again until Monday (if I am able to sort through all of the cute Jonah & Karter pictures by then), so to hold you over while we are gone here are some random videos of Karter doing everyday things around the house. You will notice a common theme in them all, it is nearly impossible for me to make a video of Karter without him wanting to see it, so enjoy a few close up shots of him at the end of them!


Grandma T said...

Loving those videos! He's quite the little character! Have fun in Chicago this weekend.
Love you!

EZ Whaley said...

We just love it when he says "yea". Soooo cute!

Kyler said...

I loved the dancing with the record when Mellencamp was playing in the background--true Hoosier.