Tuesday, October 20, 2009


This past Sunday our family went to something exciting...the circus! We were all super excited to go and a little apprehensive since we didn't know what to expect. (I have to apologize for most of the picture in this post, the lighting was bad and I couldn't ever get the right setting.)

Kristoffer got 4 free tickets at work, and since Karter didn't actually need a ticket we decided to invite our friends Mark & Katie to join us.

The best part about the tickets (besides them being free) is that they were in the Target Suite!

The view from our suite was pretty awesome and we could have all of the food and drinks we wanted. We all loved living the high life and aren't sure we can ever go to another venue without this little perk!

To say Karter loved the circus would be an understatement!! We were a little nervous about how he would do, because he didn't nap all day, but he was great the whole time!

And of course, there was lots of point...

...and lots clapping going on!

Karter really liked the "kitties", but we thought that part of the show was a little overly dramatic. The "lion tamer" looked like he was from on old 80's band and was a little desperate for work. He didn't really do anything to for the tigers, they pretty much did everything themselves.

Hands down every one's favorite part was the elephants. Karter would get super excited every time they would come out.

It was a really fun afternoon to spend with our friends trying something new. Hopefully we can get some more free tickets sometime!


Kara said...

How could you ever be a regular spectator ever again!? I'm so jealous because I've never been to a circus. I wasn't sure they had them anymore.

Grandma T said...

How fun!!! I know what you mean about the suite thing...pretty SWEET, isn't it? I LOVE watching Colts game from the Anthem suite!!! Really spoils you for the ordinary seats.

Karter, as always, is adorable watching the circus! You probably enjoyed watching him watch the show more than anything.

Thanks for sharing your circus photos...I think they're pretty good!

EZ Whaley said...

Looks like you had all had fun! Suite seats are definitely the best.

Kyler said...

A night at the circus...fun stuff. Looks like Karter loved it!

Anique and Kamaron said...

how in the world they train elephants to stand on two legs like that is beyond my comprehension!?