Monday, October 26, 2009

Weekend in Chicago Part 1 of 2: A Day With the Boys

Thursday night we loaded up our car and headed to Chicago to visit our favorite Tomaw's! During the day on Friday Jake and Joscelynn both had to work, so we had Jonah all day and got to picture what our life is going to be like with 2 little boys running around.

After the boys morning naps and a quick lunch, we decided to be tourists and head downtown for the afternoon. This was our first time taking the train in almost 3 years and the first time without Jake telling us where to go, so we were a little nervous about getting it right, but we successfully made it to our destination without any problems!

Don't let Karter's scared face make you think he didn't like the train, he had fun the whole time.

Our first stop was Michigan Avenue. Not that we were there to actually shop, we just like to people watch and take in the sights.

The first store we went into was the Hershey's store...

...where Kristoffer decided to have a light snack.

Of course with two little guys, the Disney Store was a big hit!

This piece of artwork seemed a little out of place downtown.

After being strapped in their strollers for a couple of hours, Karter and Jonah were itching to get out of their strollers and stretch their legs. So we stopped at Millennium Park to let them free.

The bean is a big hot spot for tourists to have their pictures taken.

All of my boys thought it was pretty cool to see themselves in the bean.

Cousins holding hands!

After the bean the boys weren't too eager to get back in their strollers, so Karter tried to distract us by chasing a bird around.

He watched it for a long time trying to decide how he was going to catch it, thankfully he never did!

This happened a lot, both of them LOVE to chase each other!

Yeah, maybe crawling through water isn't the best idea.

By the time we were done exploring the park, Jos was getting off work. We walked over to her building and she gave us the grand tour (sorry, I forgot to take a picture of her office). From her office, we walked down to Jake's building, but he was still in a meeting so we had for him to get done (who has a meeting from 4-5 on a Friday!). We waited for Jake in the food court of his building, and Kristoffer got tempted by Cinnabon and decided to get us all a treat while we waited.

Karter liked the icing more than the roll itself!

Kristoffer wasn't quite full from our sweet treat, so he decided to have a little Karterman!

Karter loves it when daddy gets him!

When Jake was done with his meeting, he gave us the grand tour of his office. After our tour we walked to one of the best pizza places, Gino's East, and filled out bellies with delicious Chicago style pizza. We made it back to their house in time to give the boys a quick bath, before all of the days walking caught up to us and we fell asleep!

Check back tomorrow for our fun Saturday with the Tomaw's!


Terry said...

You are brave souls, doing downtown Chicago with 2 rambunctious little boys! Cute photos! Can't wait for part 2...

Jess said...

Those sites look familiar! Looks like you had a great time. Hopefully it wasn't too windy or chilly!

Also wanted to say HELLO and thanks for the videos...too cute!

Take care! Love Jess

Kamaron said...

big bad cinnabon....