Monday, October 5, 2009

Indiana Adventure: Part II - Karter's New Tricks

While Karter and I were spending time in Indiana, Karter's silly personality started to shine a little bit more! He picked up a lot of new tricks, and this is probably going to be hard to believe...but I think he even got cuter!!

During our trip Karter had a lot of car seat time, and he wasn't always that happy about getting back into the car! In an attempt to calm him down one night, I have him my sunglasses and he thought he was the coolest thing. Now anytime he sees glasses (of any kind), he puts them on and gets a silly grin on his face!

Speaking of silly grins, what is with this face?! This is Karter's new look he will give you if you tell him something he doesn't want to hear or before he attacks you! It isn't the most attractive face...

Karter is getting really good at feeding himself, but one time while doing it at Grandpa and Grandma's house he got a little goofy.

He's such a ham, and knew when Grandma had her camera out!

One day we took Karter into Sulphur Springs to play at the playground and boy did he have fun! He really enjoyed showing off the fact that he doesn't need to swing in the baby swings anymore. In fact, he wouldn't even walk near the baby swings!

This new trick was funny! I asked Karter to lay down and take a nap...and he did it, right in the middle of the living room. The nap didn't last, he started laughing shortly after this was taken!

Karter is a true Gray man, don't get in his way when football is on! The Colt's were playing Monday night while we were in Indiana, and Karter did not want to get ready for bed.

He is so smart, when he saw this toothbrush at the Children's Museum he knew exactly what to do! We took this hint and got him his very own toothbrush and toothpaste this past weekend.

This last trick is one that I am really hoping doesn't stick, putting your feet up at the dinner table is not acceptable little man!

As you can see, Karterman had a fun and relaxing time visiting Grandpa and Grandma!

All photos courtesy of Terry Gray


Kyler said...

Pretty cute lttle guy. I can't believe how boy-ish he is now.

EZ Whaley said...

So cute! My favorites are the ones with the spoons. He just looks so mischevious (sp?)!

Anonymous said...

Quite the little ham for the camera! Love and miss you already!