Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Happy 27th Birthday!!!

27 years ago today my very handsome husband was born, Kristoffer has grown into a loving husband and an amazing daddy!! I am so blessed to be able to grow old with my best friend and today I am proud to celebrate his 27th birthday!

We will be celebrating tonight as a family, with a spaghetti (of course!) dinner and homemade spice cake for dessert. On Saturday we will be celebrating his birthday again with something we rarely get to do...go on a in just, the two of us!! We have hired a babysitter and will be going out on the town (haha!) just the two of us!

Happy Birthday, Kristoffer!! I LOVE YOU!!!


Jess said...

Happy Birthday Kris! Hope you all have a lovely day (and date night!)

Dana - All the latest posts are great. I'm so jealous that my mom got to see you and Karter. She kept going on about how beautiful Karter is! and of course, how gorgeous you look!

I'm excited for your growing family. We are praying for you.
Take care and Happy Birthday!
Love Jess

Proud Mama for 27 years! said...

Great photo...looks like something out of People magazine! :)
Have fun on your date! And have a wonderful birthday party tonight!

Kara said...

Happy Birthday Kristoffer! I love the knee shelf picture!

And Dana, now that Kristoffer IS 27, I think that makes your practically 27 for sure.

Kristoffer's favorite sister said...

I agree with Kara. Tomorrow Kristoffer will be practically 28. Happy Birthday Kristoffer!

Joscelynn said...

I do belive it takes precisely 27 years to perfect the knee shelf into arm shelf as displayed above. Good work Kristoffer and Happy Birthday!