Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Indiana Adventure: Part IV - Two Cute Little Boys

While visiting Grandma Vicky in Indiana, Karter was also very excited to play with his best bud...

...cousin Jonah!!

In my completely unbiased opinion, these are the two most handsome little boys I have ever seen! Jonah and Karter are finally to the age where they actually enjoy playing with each other, and laugh at each other all the time. It seems that whatever one is doing, the other must do also. After Mikki's wedding ceremony we were waiting outside and Karter found a little step to sit on, Jonah thought it looked rather nice too and wanted to sit by his best bud.

These two silly boys actually sat still and let me have a little impromptu photo shoot!


They wouldn't have sat this still if I had wanted them to!

Here is another case of monkey see monkey do. Great Grandma Ellen had made some cookies for the boys and Jonah was pretty interested in gobbling up as many as he could. Karter wasn't really that interested in eating them, but every time Jonah got one Karter had to have one too! (Please excuse Karter's crazy eyes.)

These two really love to chase each other, they are always running (or crawling) after each other and giggling the whole time. I love these little guys and can't wait to watch them play some more later this month!


Terry said...

Adorable!!! That step was the perfect backdrop for some darling photos.

Grandma Vicky said...

I think I have the cutest grandsons in the world....and the third one will be just as cute. Just think I'll have my own Three Musketeers!!!