Sunday, October 11, 2009

Karterman Videos

Karter loves playing with his puppy and gets really excited when he catches the ball. This video is a typical after dinner activity at our house now that it is too cold and dark to go for a walk.

Over the past couple of weeks, Karter has mastered going down the stairs. You have to be careful now when you are talking to not say downstairs unless you actually mean you want to go down there, he knows the "d" word! He is really good at going down the stairs, but when the camera is out he likes to show off a little - Grayman trait!

Karter is happy fella and is always clapping or dancing around. This last video is the tail end of him watching one of his favorite shows, "Family Feud". He loves this show because of all the clapping!!


Kyler said...

Karter clapping along with the Feud is pretty's amazing how he understands every word you say to him now.

Grandma T said...

He's so adorable! Thanks for sharing these everyday moments with us. We cherish them...and you! Love you all!