Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Random Cuteness

Karter does so many cute/silly things throughout the day, that it is hard for me to capture them all. Like I mentioned last week, Karter loves to be a big boy and help mama do things around the house. His newest thing he does to help out is unload the groceries. It is rather helpful, all I have to do it carry the bags to the top of the stairs and stand in the kitchen. One item at a time my little helper will bring them to me. If I hear excessive grunting coming from him, I know he is trying to lift the carton of juice from the bag and might need a little help!

The next cute thing Karter is known to do is unload EVERY kitchen towel and washcloth we have out of the drawer. Cleaning up the mess is rather small price to pay for 1.) seeing how cute he is and 2.) being able to cook dinner without his "help".

He likes to cover Rascal in the towels (Rascal is way to quick for me to get a picture of that) and then use them as pillows.

He actually thinks he is hiding, because he pops up and laughs so hard as if I didn't know where he was.

Pileup on daddy! Rascal jumped on top of dad, so Karterman thought he should join in too.

When he noticed Rascal and daddy weren't getting up, he thought it would be a good idea to get his own pillow and snuggle up next to them!

Last night he was into the towels again, but this time he kept playing peek-a-boo with Rascal, but Rasc didn't give him the reaction he wanted so he got my attention!

Sometimes he didn't actually get his face covered up, but he still thought he was funny!

Look at the joy on that face!

Where's Karterman?!

PEEK!! I love his smile, and of course all the smiles he brings to my face with all his silliness I get to witness everyday! I love this little guy!

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Grandma T said...

Makes Grandma smile just looking at the photos! Thanks for sharing his everyday cuteness with us all!

(I hope you washed the towels after Rascal had them on, before you used them on the dishes. Please...don't tell me if you didn't!)

Love you all!