Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Big-Boy Room

Saturday was a big spending day for our family. We set out after breakfast with a long list of things we needed to accomplish; go to Menard's to pick up supplies to add shelving to the closet in Karter's new big boy room, stop at Sam's Club to stock up our freezer, get Kristoffer's watch re-sized at Kohl's, pick out a new big-boy bed at Mattress Giant, and of course, go to Target to purchase everything we needed for Karter & Baby K (and maybe a new Wii game for us!). Unfortunately for Karterman, we got to Sam's too early and he didn't get the sample snack that I had promised him in the morning, so he was getting a little hungry by the time we were done there. Besides Target, we knew that Mattress Giant would take the longest because we wanted to make sure that we picked out a mattress and box springs that would last our kids awhile (wow, we are about to have more than one child!), luckily they had some toys in the corner of the store that Karter quickly spotted and entertained himself. We picked out and purchased a mattress set that we thought would suit us well, but unfortunately they didn't have any in stock at the store and we would have to drive up to their distribution center to pick it up. We readjusted our plans for the day and headed to Target for a little lunch and shopping before going to pick up the mattress. We could of had it delivered, but it would have cost half as much as the mattress set itself, so instead we drove home from Eagan with Karter's new bed "hillbilly style" (our salesman's term for strapping it to the top of our car!).

While at Target we did happen to buy ourselves a new Wii game (Tiger Woods for anyone who is interested!), so we didn't actually set up Karter's new room until Sunday. For anyone who has been to our house before, Karter's big-boy room is the old guest room. The workout room will become the guest room (this weekend hopefully) and the elliptical will move out to the living room behind the couch.

Santa knew Karter was a big-boy and brought him some new bedding for Christmas, but Santa forgot to get a bedskirt so we had to make another Target run yesterday to get one! We really lucked out on the headboard and bed frame. We looked on Craiglist in December and found this awesome headboard, that looks brand new but is actually over 10 years old, for only $40. Since our little monkey can get out of his bed whenever he wants, we aren't going to be adding any more furniture to his room for awhile. We don't want him to climb up on anything and get hurt. Another thing we still need to do is get new curtains, it was just something that slipped our minds.

After the bed was all set up it was time to tackle the closet. When we had our basement done in early 2007, we didn't have children on our radar yet, so we opted out of putting shelves and clothes bars in the closets to save money. However, now that Karterman is down there and he doesn't have a dresser, we desperately needed to finish out the closet. His closet is huge and was the perfect spot to store games, toys and my sewing machine, but all of that needed to be more organized to make room for his stuff now.

Kristoffer did a great job hanging the shelf and yesterday morning Karter helped me organize his things in there.

He is super proud of his new room!

Sunday night was his first night ever sleeping in a real bed. We made a big deal about him being such a big-boy all day Sunday, so when it came time for bed he would be super excited. It worked great, he laid right down and went to sleep. I on the other hand had a little melt down shortly after he went to bed. I'm going to blame it on the pregnancy hormones, but I just felt so guilty that we had just changed everything he had ever known.

It didn't phase Karter one bit though! He only woke up once all night because he lost the pacifier that he has to have in his hand somewhere in all his covers. He woke up happy and ready for the day around 7:30.

I am so proud of our big guy! He did great during nap time yesterday, and night #2 was even better, we didn't hear a peep from him all night and as I type this at 7:30 he is still sleeping!!

Now it is time to get the nursery ready for Baby K. Right now this is what his room looks like...the closet is empty, but the floor is full of stuff. It may not look like it, but this is actually organized chaos! When I was emptying the closet I made piles, some things need to be washed, some toys need to be stored away and others just need to make their way back out to the living room.

Kristoffer pulled about half of the baby things out of storage, and my goal for this week is to get them all washed up and ready for Baby K.

Soon this room will be filled with tiny baby clothes and all the stuff that a new baby needs. I better get started on that laundry!


Gramaw T said...

Is it finally seeming REAL that in 2 weeks you will have ANOTHER BABY???!!! Wow!!! Looking forward to sharing some very special time with you all!
How did Karter grow up so quickly?.......

Kyler said...

It is pretty exciting to think that there will be FOUR Minnesota Grays too. I hope you are all ready for the change...looks like Karter is adjusting well.

Sherry said...

A big boy bed! Augh...I can't think like that since our girls are older now than Karter was when they were born. I am not ready to start thinking that way! :) Yeah for you guys for him doing so well with the new bed. Can't wait to see you on Saturday.

Anique said...

We are so excited for you guys. Thank you for sharing what you're doing to get geared up! Karter in his new bed is just too adorable. We send our love :)

Jacob said...

Is that the TIger Woods game where you get points for every mistress you keep or is it the driving game with women coming out no where with golf clubs?