Friday, January 8, 2010

Christmas in Indiana: Part II - Cousins!

For the first leg of our trip we stayed at my mom's house, which was great because my brother and his family were also there. Our nephew Jonah is six months older than Karter and those two boys love to play with each other. Last Christmas the six month age difference was very evident, Jonah was walking around and Karter was still just a little baby perfecting his ability to sit up, but this year was totally different! These two boys are both full fledged toddlers running around and getting into trouble together! It was really hard to get them to stand still for any pictures together, because they were so busy playing. Karter and Jonah are into a lot of the same things right now, like helping. They were both really excited to help Grandma Vicky pass out our Christmas presents.

They both really wanted to help the other one (or any one for that matter) open there gifts. Karter was particularly excited to help open this one for Jonah because it was from him...matching Elmo slippers!

Jonah was as equally excited to help Karter open his new puzzle. He has the same one and wanted to show him how to do it!

Christmas is so much fun when there are little ones running around getting so excited about every gift.

As excited as the boys were to play with their new toys, they were also pretty happy to crawl up into Grandma's lap and have her read a book (or 20) to them!


Gramaw T said...

That last picture of Grandma Vicky is priceless...what a lap full of precious! Two cute little fellas, for sure!
Love you!

Anique said...

those elmo slippers are pretty awesome!