Monday, January 18, 2010

Hope Baby K Likes to Swing

When Karter was a newborn, he loved to be in his swing, he actually used it until he was over 6 months old.

This past week we spent a lot of time unpacking all of his old baby clothes and toys to get them cleaned up before Baby K gets here. Of course the swing was something we had to get out right away, and as soon as Karter saw it (before it was even set up) he wanted to get in it!

Now that it is all set up and ready to go, Karter has been asking us to put him in it. I keep telling him that he is a big boy now and that the swing is only for babies. Yesterday he decided since he couldn't swing he would let his monkey try it out!

We may need to work on how hard he pushes the swing, but I think he is really going to enjoy pushing his baby brother....lets just hope Baby K likes it too!!

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