Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Final Countdown

Well...the time has come to hand over the documentation duties to me (Mr. Minnesota Gray) - as we head into the final countdown to Baby K. As we go throughout the birth and hospital stay, I will keep you up to speed on how mommy, daddy, Karter, Gramaw, and Baby K are doing.

We received word from the hospital that our plans have changed... Instead of Dana being induced at 7:00am on Monday, we got bumped (baby-bumped, I guess you could say) to 3:00pm Sunday. So...tomorrow afternoon - barring any monumentous events this evening - we will be heading to Regina Medical Center. Their Family Birthing Center will be our temporary residency for a few days.

Stay the newest member of the human race joins the Minnesota Grays!!


Joscelynn said...

After you called, Dana, Jacob said "I'm excited in my heart, I just don't always know how to show it." Ha! It's true. We are very much looking forward to meeting this little guy. And learning his name! Our prayers are with you!

Kyler said...

Today is the big day! May God bless you with another healthy, wonderful child.

Emily said...

It's time! Can't wait to hear the big news. Hope it all goes smoothly.