Sunday, January 31, 2010

It's Supper Time

It's time to eat some dinner... Here's what it looks like now in our room - with Dana hooked up to both an IV and a monitor. The monitor tracks both Baby K's heartbeat (the 138 below) and Dana's contractions (the 9 on the monitor below). When Dana has a contraction, the "9" can go up into the mid-20s.

It's with this backdrop that we have just enjoyed our dinner. Chicken sandwich and fries for me - grilled cheese and soup for the mom-to-be. Here's a picture of Dana enjoying the last supper of being a mom of one!

When Karter was born, I was semi-chastised by my family for posting a lot about where my next meal was coming from. What can I say? I was concerned with the basics... So...this will be one of my final posts about food.
What's next? The doctor came around 6:00 - and things are starting to progress. Dana will probably get an epidural around 7:00 or things are progressing quickly...


Jacob said...

They let you eat!? I think our hospital must subject moms to be to unnecessary human rights abuses.

Stay strong and hurry up little K!

(This is Joscelynn.)

Gramaw T said...

Glad to hear things are progressing quickly...hope we have a new baby before the night is over!!!
Karter and I just had a supper of tuna sandwich and chips. He's playing ball with Rascal right now and getting a little goofy.
Rascal is keeping constant vigil at the gate for you to come home. I finally coaxed him to eat his supper.
Hang in there...praying for all 3 of you!