Friday, January 15, 2010

Bubble Boy

Karter has always LOVED bath time, but ever since Santa brought him bubble bath in his stocking he loves it even more! Now when we ask him if he is ready for his bath, he will run into the bathroom and open the cabinet and hand us the bubble bath. We were only adding bubbles on the weekends, but last night he spent the whole bath time asking for bubbles, so I think every bath may have to be a bubble bath. It is so hard to say no to, "Bubbles, Pease!"

His favorite thing to do with the bubbles is to get a lot in both hands and then blow them at me! It is really cute, but then his neat freak side comes out and he has to wipe them off my face for me! The time it takes to take a bath has about doubled, because he wants to play in the tub until all of the bubbles have gone away. He's pretty pruney at the end, but at least I know he is clean!!


Anique said...

That is just about the sweetest thing ever! I remember having the same fascination with bubbles at age 10...:)

Gramaw T said...

His daddy used to put them on his face and make them like a beard...I think I may even have a photo of that! Bubble baths are one of the simple pleasures of life, no matter what age!
Love you!