Sunday, January 31, 2010

We are Here! is now 4:30pm - and we are at the hospital. We got here around 3:00pm, and are now waiting...the long waiting game! :-) Room 1105 will be our residency for a while now. Above are pictures from and of the bed.

Dana is hooked up to an IV - with pitocin (supposed to quicken contractions). Her doctor will be here around 5:00 - to hopefully give her a check and get ready for the event.

I'll continue to post as time goes on (hopefully with more pictures!). Ok...we are going to try and walk around a litte bit...come on Baby K!!


Gramaw T said...

All is well on the home front...keep us posted!
Love you!

Jess said...

Hello! We are so excited for you! We hope the next hours are as pleasant for you both as possible. Craig and I have a bet going on what you will name Baby K...we can't wait to hear! We are praying for you.

Love Jess and Craig