Monday, January 25, 2010

Karter's 1st Ouchie

One day last week for lunch we went across 52 to Little Oscars. When we got there and I went to get Karter out of the backseat I was greeted by a not so fun surprise...his hands were covered in blood! Little Oscars is literally a minute away from our house, so it was very surprising that 1) his hands (that were clean when I put him in the car) had blood all over them and 2) he didn't make a peep the trip over! Gramaw Terry helped clean his hands while I dug out the first aid kit from under the seat. It turned out he just had a little scratch on his pinkie finger, but it is still a complete mystery as to how it got there!

He didn't cry at all until I wanted to change the bandage in the restaurant...I think he was being a little overly dramatic!

He didn't like having the band-aid on his finger....

....and for the rest of the day he acted like his entire hand was broken.

Karter'st 1st ouchie wasn't anything a big smooch from Mommy...

...and a few french fries drenched in ketchup couldn't cure!

In this video Karter was to excited anticipating Gramaw dancing that he could barely play his harmonica, but if you watch him you can see how he acts like his right hand doesn't work!


Kyler said...

Poor little guy. You would think his entire hand is useless the way he holds it in the video. I would have liked to see grandma dancing too! haha

Anique and Kamaron said...

too funny! love the post :-)

Emily said...

I love when he laughs like that! Grandma must
be a funny dancer!