Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Christmas Morning

On Christmas morning Santa woke us up around 6:30am. After we were woken up we went to see if Karter heard Santa, and sure enough he had! He jumped up as soon as we opened the door and pointed to the hall and said "ho, ho, ho!" We got him out of his bed and he ran to the tree!

He (and Rascal) were pretty excited to see all the packages that were not there when he went to bed!

Before we opened any gifts, Kristoffer read us the story of Jesus' birth from the Bible. Karter was curled up in my lap drinking his milk and totally listening to every word Kristoffer was reading!

Then it was on to the presents! Karter was so into ripping all of the paper off, but was pretty neat with it and handed us each piece he tore off.

He wasted no time going from one present to the next....

...except of course when he opened up an Elmo book! He had to open it and point to every Elmo before moving on.

And of course his Elmo slippers had to go on right away!

He had such concentration when he was opening each one!

Karter posing with all of the gifts Santa left for him!

More presents from mom and dad! We are more patient than Santa and added pretty ribbons to our packages when we were wrapping them. Before each one Karter would hand it to one of us and say "PEASE", wanting us to take the ribbon off so he could rip into it!

After all of the packages were opened, Kristoffer made us a delicious breakfast. For the rest of the day we watched Christmas movies, baked goodies for our trip to Indiana, watched the snow fall, played with all of Karter's new toys and enjoyed spending the day at home just the 3 of us! It was such a special holiday for our family, and hopefully you all had a very Merry CHRISTmas!


Gramaw T said...

What a beautiful family tradition you've started! You are making memories that Karter will never forget. Love you all!

Kyler said...

It was good to spend the holidays with the three of you! Enjoy your new year.