Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christmas Card Photo Shoot

A couple of weeks ago we had a little photo shoot before church. Our goal was to get one good picture of Karter standing in front of the tree and one good one with all of us in it (and everyone looking at the camera). It sounds easy enough, but it took much longer than it should have, in the end we got our pictures and some funny outtakes along the way. We started with Karter by himself, and for this picture we told him to look at the camera and say hi.

For the next picture we told him to say cheese. He thinks say cheese is funny so it made him laugh, but then he put his hands in his mouth.

Karter needed a break after about 10 pictures, so he sat down and we captured this cute one. It was almost a winner...

...but this is Karter's first year being able to stand, so we wanted a picture to highlight his talents! In the end, this one won!

Guess he was done!!

Next up was the group shot, which of course had to include Rascal. While I was messing with the timer on the camera, Kristoffer gave Rascal a little pep talk.

I don't think they were ready.

It was a bad idea on our part to have the pregnant lady try to push the button and then run and sit down...it takes me longer to get up and down than it does Kristoffer! This was the first group shot and as soon as I sat down I realized I forgot to put shoes on!

Kristoffer decided he would take over pushing the button, but wanted a few test shots first. Karter didn't get the memo he was suppose to make the scrunchy face!

Another test shot.

After getting it lined up Kristoffer ran and got into place, and again we told Karter to look at the camera and say hi. Apparently, he can't say hi without waving!

Rascal gets distracted to easily and kept looking away. How did that ornament fall off the tree?

Finally, we are all looking at the camera and kind of smiling! This was the winner for this years Christmas cards, and I'm sure next year it will be even more difficult to get everyone to look at the camera!


Grandma T said...

Sounds a lot simpler than it is, doesn't it? Very sweet photos, though...even the funny ones!
One more week...!!!

Jess said...

Love the pictures! Thanks for the Christmas letter. Enjoy your Christmas week!

Merry Christmas! Love Jess