Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Deck the Halls

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas in the Gray household! This past Saturday we dug out all of our Christmas decorations and spent the morning decorating the house. Karter was really into checking everything out, and ended up being a really good helper!

While I took down all of the fall decorations, Karter and Daddy unpacked all of the boxes and organized everything.

After the mantle was decorated, Karter got to hang his very own stocking.

Then it was on to a bigger project...the tree! Karter and Rascal were very excited to see what was in the biggest box.

We started decorating the tree with all of the gold ornaments before moving on to the more sentimental ones. Karter couldn't quite figure out the proper way to get the ornaments to stay on the tree, so he ended up just handing them to us to hang...after checking out the durability of them first!

After all of the gold ornaments were hung, it was off to my favorite part...the keepsake ornaments. I love how each ornament has a story to tell and brings back so many fond memories. Karter was our runner during this project. I would unwrap them and tell him the story about it (even though I don't think he was listening) and then he would inspect the ornament as he walked it down to Kristoffer.

I think he knows every detail of each ornament on the tree!

It was fun to decorate our house as a family and to be able to find tasks for Karter to do along the way, even if it did mean breaking a few rules...like standing on the furniture!

On Sunday I wanted to get a picture of Karter and Rascal sitting in front of the tree, well...this is the best one I got! Karter had more important things to do than sit still for a picture.

Rascal was still game for the picture though, so here is Rascal sitting in front of our fully decorated tree!

Karter loves to look at the tree and point out all of the ornaments, and Daddy taught him to lay under it to see all the lights. Every morning when Karter gets out of bed he runs to the tree and yells "ball" at every ornament, and luckily he just points and is very gentle with the tree!

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Grandma T said...

Too sweet! I'm loving the Santa jammies and the Colts outfits! And, of course, I'm loving that precious little grin!