Friday, December 18, 2009

Snow Day

Last week the Frozen Tundra officially frozen! We got our first snow storm of the season and had our first below zero days, exciting times! We got about 8 inches of snow at our house and were excited to take Karter out to play in it. Last Saturday was relatively warm (about 15 degrees) so we bundled up and headed out to play.

We have a slight hill in our backyard that we tried to have Karter slide down, but it didn't work out so well since we don't have a rope on our sled.

Karter didn't mind though, he was fascinated by all the white stuff!

I was trying to juggle the video camera and my actual camera at the same time, so I don't actually have still pictures of the snow angels being made (videos will be posted some time!), but here is Kristoffer's snow angel.

And here is Karter's very first snow angel!! It turned out really good and he was loving flapping his arms!

One thing he wasn't so sure of was walking in the snow. Can you really blame him though, in most parts the snow came up past his knees!

He fell a lot, but didn't mind at all. However, he didn't like all the snow on his gloves, he is kind of a neat freak about things being on his hands.

It was much easier to walk with Daddy's help!

My boys!!!

Daddy is always being silly and making Karter laugh. He thought it was pretty funny when Daddy was eating the snow!

It was much easier to walk on our shoveled drive!

It is definitely winter in Minnesota!

Our town has a very poor planning committee and decided to build a park across the street from us at the end of October. We have only been able to use it a couple of times because the weather has been so cold. Karter saw the slides when we went around to the front of the house, so we walked down and played for awhile.

"Whoa!! I thought you would catch me dad!"

It was a fun afternoon outside, and Karter enjoyed it a little bit better than last year!


Terry said...

Love the snow angels. I'm sure Kristoffer was loving it as much as Karter.

Grandma T said...

Karter's all bundled up, but it looks like Daddy needs a snowsuit! Very cute! But you don't need to bring the snow south when you come next weekend!
Love you!

The REAL Terry said...

Clarification...for the record...the first comment is actually from Kyler on Terry's computer. Guess Kyler just wants to be me....