Monday, December 7, 2009

Downtown Festivities

Friday night Karter and I did something we rarely do...we ventured downtown to meet up with Kristoffer! This time of year there are a lot of fun things to do downtown and we were super excited to experience them this year with Karter.

Our first stop with the 8th floor of Macy's for their annual holiday display. This year the theme was all about the Day in the Life of an Elf.

It is pretty neat to walk from scene to scene to see what an "average" day is like for an elf.

Karter of course had to make sure daddy saw everything!

After dinner we wanted to do a little Christmas shopping, and Karter wanted to stretch his legs a little bit in the skyway. (Please excuse the big wet spot on his pants, someone had an accident!)

Then it was time to get bundled up for the main event....the Target Holidazzle Parade! It was about 20 degrees Friday night, but we all managed to stay relatively warm.

On Friday night the grand marshals for the parade were two defensive lineman for the Vikings, Pat Williams and Ray Edwards.

The Target Holidazzle Parade is in its 18th year, and is a fun tradition that we have done every year we've lived up here. This year it was extra special, because Karter is old enough to enjoy what is going on and he liked seeing all the storybook characters go by.

Aren't all the Bullseyes pretty cool?!

The snowman is always a crowd favorite, but especially this year because he was sporting Joe Mauer side burns.

And a Joe Mauer jersey!

Towards the end of the parade Karter was starting to get really cold and didn't want to be outside anymore, but he started smiling again when he saw Santa coming!

Of course he loved it when Santa waved to him and went "Ho, Ho, Ho"! Karter did his Santa impression all the way home. It was a great evening to spend as a family downtown !!


Grandma T said...

Great photos in the dark...not an easy accomplishment! Love Karter's little red nose in the next-to-last photo. What a magical time for the little guy!

Craig said...

I would pay to hear Karter's "Ho Ho Ho!" impression!