Monday, December 21, 2009

Story Time

It is no secret that Karterman loves to read, but he has a new thing...climbing up onto the couch to lay down and read.

Sometimes he climbs up to flip through one of his own books....

...and sometimes he climbs up to read Daddy's Sports Illustrated.

Reading on the couch started a few weeks ago when I was in so much pain, I just simply couldn't get down on the floor and read anymore. (Nothing serious, just something about being almost 9 months pregnant, sitting on the floor and having a 25+lbs little monkey sitting on my lap kills my back!) He took to the new way of reading books very quickly, and now will climb up and lay down to let you know he is ready to read! And I must admit, I love all the extra snuggle time we get during the day!

Daddy has a slightly different technique, but Karter loves it just the same!

1 comment:

Grandma T said...

Love the photo with the Sports Illustrated...with his foot cocked up on his knee, like a real boy! Can't wait to see you in 8 more days!!!