Wednesday, December 2, 2009

No Fear

Last week we had a very unfortunate event happen and it resulted in us needing a new computer. Now that we have the new computer we are being very careful with it and it has found a semi-permanent home on our kitchen table. Karter thinks that anytime we are on the computer it means we are watching Elmo. To make sure he doesn't miss out on any opportunity to see his furry red friend he has taught himself a new trick this week!

He seriously has no fear and is 100% boy. On Monday he started getting on and off the dinning room chair all by himself!

He is really good and doesn't try to stand up, but of course he tries to reach for everything in sight!

I asked him to smile for mommy and this is the face I got!

That's better! What a proud little monkey!

When it's time to get down, he just scoots his little bottom to the edge...

...and jumps down! And luckily, he always lands on his feet!


Grandma T said...

What an appropriate shirt for such a silly monkey! He's so cute, how can you be mad at him?!

Kyler said...

This is the song, la la la la, Elmo's song!