Friday, December 11, 2009

Match Game

A couple of weeks ago Karter got the game Memory. For the time being we are just using it as a recognition and matching game, and he is great at it! The first time we played the game we realized just how much he knew but wasn't able to vocalize yet. On the first try, he was able to match up every picture!!
Now that he has the hang of the game, he has started to make sounds with every card too. He knows several words and gets so proud when he can say what is on the card. So far his favorite words to say are "tookie" (cookie...he likes Cookie Monster), "cheese", "baby", "ball", "bug" and "puppy". There are several food cards and for each of them he says "Mmmm"!
Here is a little video of card and daddy playing the match game a couple of weeks ago...

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Grandma T said...

He's learning so much! Now if he could just run the video camera...THAT's what he REALLY wants to do! Smart child, he is...of course!!!