Thursday, December 10, 2009

Karter Bowling for the 1st Time

The Saturday after Thanksgiving we had made plans to take the whole gang and go bowling. We learned our lesson last year, and decided to make reservations this year. Kamaron and Anique needed to leave early on Saturday and weren't able to join us, but the rest of the group had an exciting time!

Even Karterman got in on the bowling action!

This was Karter's first bowling trip and we weren't sure how he would like it, but he was really into it! He knew when it was his turn and which ball was his.

He would always help someone carry his ball up to the ramp and then get really excited as he pushed it down.

It may have been his first time bowling, but he knew what to do! We would always cheer every time he got the ball down the lane even if it was a gutter ball, but not Karter. He would only cheer when he knocked all the pins down!!

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Grandma T said...

A true's in the genes! He definitely knew when it was worth cheering for, not every time like we did. Smart kid...and cute too! Too bad you didn't mention how Kristoffer blew us all away with his bowling score!!!